Our Mission
... to help organisations through their journey into the world of data management by harnessing the flood of data, being created at unprecedented speeds and quantities, and creating value in the form of meaningful and actionable information for business performance optimisation.

We understand that data is an asset that can be monetised and that's why we take a data-driven approach in helping organisations solve business 'pains' in their value chain.

 Our Vision
... to be trusted advisors to senior executive teams in providing solutions to execute their digital transformation strategies. 

 Our Services
​Our E2E Data management solutions and services create actionable information for informed decision making with a focus on all or any of the data management areas.
We unlock the value of the data created by the Internet of Things (IoT). Data from transaction processing systems is only but a small proportion of what organisations are able to collect, acquire and blend.
Data Acquisition
​     ​- Auto Id:
          - Bar Codes 
          - RFID 
          - Vision 
​     - Transaction Processing
​     - SCADA
Data Ingestion
​     - integrating:
        operational technology (OT)
        information technology (IT)
Data Analytics
- Big Data
 - Business Intelligence (BI)
Data Visualisation 
   - Reports
   - Insights
​   - Story-telling
 Our Expertise
We have been trusted advisors to executive teams for delivering results across a range of industry verticals:
► supply chain 
     warehouse management
smart cities

​    sales
​    profit erosion

► manufacturing 
        food & beverage
​    electrical & electronics    
► gaming & hospitality 
​     lotteries
​     wagering
        gaming machines
► utilities
       ​ energy
​     water
► financial services
​     insurance
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